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Sonadow Error by AngryDeviant Sonadow Error :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 11 18
Sonilver Love at first gasp 3
Yoai Warning If You Do Not Like Dont Look Here As You May Die Of Confusion
""Sonic bellowed as his voice sank quiet as he begin to quiver at the massive sight of the shadowed metallic robot.
"well sonic...your finished"Eggman remarked as his face became submerged in a shadow as his robot began taking forceful steps towards the blue hedgehog.
"No Eggman you wont win, you are a sorry sack of s-"Sonic began as he was suddenly silenced by the robot throwing a UN-noticable punch sending the blue one into a into a moss covered tree sending him unconscious as the leaves fell swirling around him.
" will pay...."A unknown hedgehog to Eggman pronounced
"who are you?!"Eggman asked agitatedly but was soon back to his evil smirk
"actually no matter...i will squash you t---"Eggman became silenced as he was astonished at the now glowing figure.
"w-what!"Eggman beamed as he stared at his own creation which began to wobble and then shake.
"stop it!"Eggman shrieked but it w
:iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 8 13
Sonilver Love at first gasp 2
Yoai Warning If You Do Not Like Dont Look Here As You May Die Of Confusion
It was later in the afternoon, the wind that had be causing devastation had finally reduced it's carnage to a harmless cold poof of air, the sun was beginning to appear in the grey clouds which were blistering to a angel white, the once rippling water became smooth and wave less with a crystal clear view right to the bottom where the pebbles lay at the bottom to form a shallow hold over the sparkling water.
"......mmhm...." Sonic groaned as he woke a little dazed from the last incident
"what was...huh..." Sonic's emerald eyes glared at the silver hedgehog's  life less hand which was drooped over him on his stomach.
".......silver?" Sonic said confusingly with a red blush on his face as silver groaned and nuzzled into him pushing his hips into sonics back making him become nervous.
" to....go...." he whispered as he gently removed the silver hedgehog making sure not to startle him.
:iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 9 6
Sonilver Love at first gasp 1
Yoai Warning If You Do Not Like Dont Look Here As You May Die Of Confusion
So alone, silver thought as he was strolling across a dingy forest the flicker of lights passing though the sun breezed leaves causing them to flutter in a memorable fashion, Silver stared at the ground which was covered in grass,moss and leaves with the occasional stick until he bumped into something as he fell to the floor.
"Stupid Tree..." He mumbled
He then looked at what it was making sure of his decision but he was sure wrong as his eyes widened in a surprised fashion, his piercing yellow eyes glowing at the figure on the floor.
" be...." Silver stumbled to his feet in a quick manner only to bolt over to the unconscious body on the grass covered was sonic....
"Oh my....god....s-sonic?"he said stuttering very worriedly
"....."Sonic simply lied there unconscious from the collision
"oh...let me help you..."Silver muttered as he slid his hand under sonics body only to blush as his ha
:iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 14 7
Sonadilver College Luster pt 2
Shadow began joining in the gym lesson, making the others look like mere amateurs except sonic and silver as they where using there powers for the lesson as they have to make there selves look good, the lesson how ever was dodge ball.
"heh ooooh soniiiic....."the balls began to glow and fly around the room and begin to try and beat into sonic by the ones name silver who was controlling them.
"to slow!"he ran fast dodging them all in a great haste"ok about this" silver began to rush the balls in a line formation trying to pin sonic but sonic was not giving up.
"Hey silver, catch....THIS!"shadow hurled a ball at silver but silver merely stoped it with his powers making them follow him as well as sonic.
"Just give in.."Silver said with a noticeable blush across his face..straining from trying to concentrate on both of them at once.
"not gonna happen!"shadow remarked with a grin across his face as he disappeared and then reappeared  behind silver.
"oh no..."silver said
:iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 8 25
Sonadilver College Luster pt 1
It was a nice quiet morning the sun has begun to arise from the far side of the world plunging it in a whirlpool of a orange shade with a red relaxing tone,the ones by the name of silver,shadow,sonic has just arose to get a start to the now beginning morning.
"This is why i hate college...."shadow spoke smoothing down his now ruffled fur from the sleep he had en devoured,he put some clothes on with no care at all and calmly walked out of his dorm in a great haste,he was walking along the banister and he came to a vanished delicate door with the name "Head Master" engraved on it has he took the handle and entered.
"oh yeh.....time for a sonic speed change..."sonic dashed all about his dorm getting changed in a mere 30 seconds and sped out of his dorm slamming the door shut behind his blazing trail, sonic suddenly came to a slow walking pace as he was coming up on a Gym,he opened the double doors and with a very wide smile which covered his blue furry face.
Silver simply said nothing and
:iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 18 8
Robotnik Hates Sonic Online by AngryDeviant Robotnik Hates Sonic Online :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 1 0 sonic and friends by AngryDeviant sonic and friends :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 13 0 Sonic Pixelzzz by AngryDeviant Sonic Pixelzzz :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 2 2
Mature content
Scourge And M-me? :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 1 52
Sonadow Troubles? 5
Soon after the huge smoking mushroom cloud in the now darked sky of mobius disappeared now one was to be seen but 2 minutes later shadow appeared on the ground with sonic pressed again his finely toned chest fur while shadow had a worrying look on his face "I cant...Believe..I...M-made...That"he stutters on the words as his glowing crimson eyes looked at sonic badly beaten body with a small teat now splashing down his eye's
"S-sonic"shadow says while having his eyes placed on sonic"P-please sonic...i have before"he waited for some sort of sign that sonic is OK and too his amazement sonic groaned in struggle to break out of his daze but was still in one, shadow sighed with great relif to know sonic is still alive with him
suddenly shadow faces turned from a pale distressed look to furious red glow as he gritted his teeth as he knows Eggman is now standing behind him but he is not alone, "Eggman i am going to kill YOU!"as soon as he uttered those wo
:iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 8 65
Sonic, Super Sonic and Hyper by AngryDeviant Sonic, Super Sonic and Hyper :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 6 0 Hyper Mecha Sonic Change by AngryDeviant Hyper Mecha Sonic Change :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 2 0 Mecha Sonic Emeralds Charge by AngryDeviant Mecha Sonic Emeralds Charge :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 3 1 Mecha Standing Charge by AngryDeviant Mecha Standing Charge :iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 0 0
Sonadow Troubles? 4
Immediately after chanting"chaos control" he arrived at Eggman's doom ship which gave a cold metal feel as soon as he began to walk on a short narrow walkway with metal plates which fill every direction
he suddenly heard a voice and began running hysterically to where the sound originated  from shouting the name"Sonic!"as he takes deep gasps for air as he felt anger and desperation fill his now working heart
upon arriving he noticed a small blue lifeless figure in the distance and he immediately skated over to the lifeless blue figure it was sonic but he was tightly shackled with a what seems to be a electrify-ed  necklace of some sort which glows with eerie red glow and to shadows amazement it had a small key slot shadow immediately thinks and says"Eggman GIVE ME THAT......KEY!!!!!!!!"
after sprinting around he came to rest on a small pole which had a small sign on it saying controller room he walks in cautiously with a great sense of anger with him and sees a key
:iconangrydeviant:AngryDeviant 11 9


.:Sonadow:.At the Olympics Ch5
Silver looked at Sonic and Shadow weirdly. 'What's going on with those two...' Silver thought.
Silver raised his arm to tap on the shoulder of the ebony one once more, but stopped and thought for a moment.
'Should I get into their business....nah.' Silver put his arm back down and looked back at the window.
Sonic and Shadow's eyes meet once more.
'He's so adorable....' Shadow thought.
Sonic giggled and blushed and said "Shadow, stop starring at me!"
"Wha-what?" Shadow said helplessly.
"I said stop starring at me....It makes me feel weird...." Sonic said.
" bad...I didn't mean to-"
The bus came to an unexpected stop and everybody flew into the seats.
Shadow growled. "This bus driver really needs to learn how to drive." He said.
"You got that right...."
"HEY! WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!?" Knuckles yelled.
The bus driver smirked. "Isn't it obvious? We arrived to our destination. Now pipe down and let the stars of the show come out first."
Mario and Sonic stood up. Shadow moved so Sonic ca
:iconiluvsonicthehedgehog:iluvsonicthehedgehog 90 71
Get away from me by NaokoHara Get away from me :iconnaokohara:NaokoHara 197 29 Sonadow by shadowhatesomochao Sonadow :iconshadowhatesomochao:shadowhatesomochao 1,168 357
Mature content
Something Beautiful: Chapter 8 :iconshadowluver1242:Shadowluver1242 40 18
Mature content
Something Beautiful: Chpt 5 :iconshadowluver1242:Shadowluver1242 47 25
.:Prince.:Chapter 20.:
.: Prince-Chapter 20.:
Chapter 20: Prom and Problems.
.:Prince's POV.:
It was the following day and I woke up greeted by the warm rays of sun shining in through the gaps of the curtains. I turned my head to look at the alarm clock and I had woken up five minutes before the alarm as usual. Pushing myself up I sat up in bed, rubbing my tired eyes before pulling the bed sheet off and feeling a chill in the sudden change of temperature.  Its Friday today…The prom is tomorrow.
Before we had left our final class yesterday a letter was sent round all the classes to notify the students that we got Friday off so that we could get prepared and so could the decorating committee who will be in the school hall all day.
I hadn't organised to do anything with either Dustin or Sawyer today but if anything came up Dustin just lived next door and Sawyer was a phone call away.  Stretching I made my way downstairs and I let my arms fall down by my side as I co
:iconsilverhedgie:SilverHedgie 11 13
Shadilver Comic trade page 7 by TinaNokohana Shadilver Comic trade page 7 :icontinanokohana:TinaNokohana 121 113
.:Prince-Chapter 19.:
.:Prince-Chapter 19.:
Chapter 19: Sawyers First Day and the Upcoming Prom!
:.Sawyers POV.:
It was the first class of the day and i sat at the back next to Dustin and prince. The teacher looked pretty nice, her name was Miss...Something...right? Well everyone in the class certainly fitted in here, they all looked very smart unlike me who couldn't even get a grade on the entrance exam. "Alright everyone we have a new student in our class today. Her name is Sawyer and she is sitting just there down at the back," the teacher spoke pointing over to me with her pencil. Everyone looked round at me and i looked round nervously. "Uh hiya," i said waving. They turned away and sat properly in their seats facing the front. 'Not the nicest of people...' i thought. "Ok moving on. As you all know the school prom is on Saturday, two days from now. I hope you all have made exciting plans for the special night!"
A great uproar of chat spread across the classroom in seconds just at t
:iconsilverhedgie:SilverHedgie 11 7
Silver Pocky by melliehel Silver Pocky :iconmelliehel:melliehel 133 74
Mature content
Commission: Late bus :iconwildsonadow:Wildsonadow 2 4
Taste sweet by melliehel Taste sweet :iconmelliehel:melliehel 100 387 Tails - chara of the month by melliehel Tails - chara of the month :iconmelliehel:melliehel 110 276 .:Sonadow-Valentine-P1.: by SilverHedgie .:Sonadow-Valentine-P1.: :iconsilverhedgie:SilverHedgie 46 8





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